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Welcome to the site which will teach you how to go green.

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This page is developed for all of you who are eager to find out how to be efficient and green at the same time. Saving energy is critical, and we are probably not aware of this fact until it is too late. We need to save our planet Earth because it is only one we have. Yes, there are other planets, but none of them can be a harbor to humankind. We must focus on what we have to change to lead healthier and ecologically adapted life. We must discard all unnecessary things that hold us back, and that are toxic to our health and the well-being of Mother Nature. Therefore, this is the site which will allow different ideas and tips on how to switch to green energy or other green means of life.

We are, primarily, interested that you understand the necessity of this. So, the site will provide useful information and educate you on the situation now, and possible solutions that are available for you. We are all familiar that green energy is more expensive at first, but it is important to observe the long term use to understand that spending a small amount more at the beginning can make a great difference in the more extended period. On the other side, ecology does not have to be expensive, just smart. With straightforward and rational acts we may end up very satisfied with ourselves, and the surroundings around us. Start today! Step by step! We will be here to provide you help you as well as give tips and pieces of advice how to make progress for your life and lives of your family members and friends, because, it is the little things that count, little things that matter – things that might make a change.

Go green! This will certainly be the best decision you make in your life.

This page will give you bits of advice how to start by changing your habits, and it will give you ideas that you will be surprised you have not thought of it earlier. Simple steps like recycling or upcycling can be the fun and exciting way to get rid of waste. It can be your project or the project for the whole family. You will be happy to know that you don´t have to litter as much as before, or at all if possible. If you can make your little garden, and grow your food, this will be therapeutic after a long and stressful day at work, and you will know what you eat. Of course, you do not have to plant all the vegetables to eat through the whole year, but it will be nice that you have something once in a while that was grown in your backyard. On the other hand, if you don´t have a garden or yard at all, then a couple of the pots on the kitchen window or balcony will be a good option.


Our team will certainly try to make an effort and give you information on how to help nature and ourselves at the same time. Hopefully, this will draw your attention, and become a routine, and most importantly, that you will visit our website anytime you want a new idea on green energy and ecology. We are eager to save this planet as much as it is possible, and we are going to try to make you do the same. Nature is beautiful, and we are always stunned to observe most beautiful scenes and landscapes, unaware that our everyday habits may kill the plants or animals that inhabit forests. We all love to see polar bears and baby seals and somehow forgot that we are slowly killing them, taking them their habitations and leaving them in the middle of the ocean. All those events are caused by us, and our reckless use of energy sources. Open your eyes, don´t be uneducated, find a way to be a green activist, and we are going to help you. We are going to be there to give you ideas and save the planet together.

For example, turn off the unnecessary appliances, don´t leave them plugged in if they are not in use and find energy saving items. Make your own cleaning products or soaps, for example. Save water – turn it off while you brush teeth and take a shower instead of the bath. Be sure to inform on various options of saving energy and going green. All these things will create the healthier environment for you and all the others that come after. You will enjoy being the part of that process; you will feel importance and satisfaction. Although, most of us live a fast life, and there are times when we don´t even care about ourselves, But there are simple tasks that will not take any effort at all on a daily basis but will provide much in the long run. If you are unable to deal with gardens or homemade products, there are great ways to use energy smarter.